About Us and Our e-Juice

If we don’t make it, we won’t vape it.

Rather than selling batteries, mods and tanks, we decided to do just one thing very well: We sell the highest quality and best vaping e-juice available – period!

We work REALLY HARD to make sure the product we deliver is accurate, high quality, reliable and consistent.

Not all ingredients are created equal. There is a wide range in quality for VG, PG, Flavorings and even Nicotine.  Vapopalooza cooks use only the highest grade, USP and Kosher-grade ingredients for our e-juice.  We adhere to the manufacturing guidelines provided by the cGMP and only use pharmaceutical grade nicotine with a minimum of 99.5% purity.  Moreover, our products are aligned with strict health management and quality control systems in order to provide the safest products possible.

Our e-juice is custom made, only when you order and always in the USA.

We set out to be the best – to offer outstanding quality at VERY reasonable and competitive pricing.

At Vapopalooza, we are a team of e-vapor enthusiasts who take great pride in the products we offer.  We demand quality for ourselves and for our customers.