Feeling Frisky? Well then look no further, our Whiskey e-juice will make you feel like you're getting the party started with this full-bodied savory flavor. You'll be asking to have this on the rocks after you try this!


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  1. James Nakashima

    Whiskey is my go to drink anywhere i go and Holy shit this flavor was so on point it was kinda scary. It had that nice smokey flavor to it in the initial hit with that soothing warming sensation in the exhale. It was almost like i could enjoy the great taste of whiskey without getting wasted off it. Definitely going with the 30ml on my next order.

  2. Veronika

    It was way too strong for my taste. The flavor was a bit overpowering. I tried it in 24mg nicotine though so maybe that was the issue? Not horrible – just too strong.

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